Friday, March 27, 2009

F1 is BACK!!!!

So as I write this the F1 cars have already completed their first official practice session down in Australia. I'm very excited to see the new cars in action when I get home. There were a decent amount of rule changes from last year to this one so the cars look significantly different and this could also mean that a the top contenders for the year could be shaken up. The team that everyone thinks will make the most progress from last year to this year is "Braun GP" formally the Honda team. I don't know how Honda poured billions into this team and was stuck at the back most years and then somehow when they decide to get out of F1 that team will become good, so only time will tell. I'm hoping that Kimi Raikkonen wins the driver title this year. In my opinion he is the best racer I have ever seen. But for the majority of his career he has been plagued by bad luck so hopefully this is his year. I'm also wishing the best of luck to the Red Bull team as all their drivers are standup guys and incredible racers. I hope it starts to warm up some more here so I can do some racing myself. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CTA Behavioural Update

So some here have criticized me for being sexist when it comes to criticizing the general population of CTA riders. I can't help but report the facts so don't blame me if your sex just happens to just be less respectful of others or know how to effectively alleviate human traffic on the CTA buses and trains. But he's a bus and train riding no no that I have noticed that guys are more apt to commit than women. The offense is standing in and blocking doorways. This makes it uncomfortable for both parties involved and adds time to unloading. You think these people would get tired of rubbing up against strangers everytime a stop is reached but who knows maybe they like it. This rule of course only applies when all seats are filled and the aisle is full too. As a general rule sit down if a seat is a available. If no seat is available then move ALL the way to the back and stand or the middle/ sides if its a train. These are your CTA commandments follow them and you will gain entry to public transit heaven.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Watchmen movie = Good

Watchmen is good, you should go see it. It is probably as faithful to the graphic novel as it could be. Reading the book beforehand will certainly increase your understanding of the story. But you will most likely enjoy it without reading it too. This movie is not a typical superhero movie, do not expect a simple plot, do not expect tons of action, and do not walk out on the movie. One thing I do wish that movies did nowadays; Have an intermission! At least for movies that are long enough to require one. Older movies used to have intermissions, so why can't newer ones? If you do need to get up and go, I would suggest the sex scenes in the movie. That is all. END COMMUNICATIONS

Dan in Real Life = Le Suck

I'm sorely disappointed that Netflix said I would give this movie 3.2 stars. Firstly, this movie is so very very predictable and not funny. This movie is trying to be like a funny version of "The Family Stone" and it fails miserably. The family as a whole is entirely unbelievable and all of them spit out one liners that would make any normal human being gag, maybe even throw up a bit in their mouth. Anyone I ever met would call out anyone in their family for talking like such a cliche loser. Next, what is so compelling about the Marie character? There's nothing really interesting about her at all, shes just boring and plain. I think I've also determined that Steve Carell is not a very good actor. He's been in two good movies, everything else he's mediocre at best. He plays the same "awkward" guy in every single movie and if the writing isn't perfect he comes off as fake and forced. Next, Dane Cook is in this movie... need I say more. The rest of the cast is usually good but they should all be ashamed to have been involved with this movie. I was hoping throughout the whole movie that a Gozilla style monster would emerge from the bay and destroy the whole family in one stomp of its gigantic foot. That would have been a hilarious and unpredictable move for the story and would have been amazing. What kind of family stages their own talent shows? What kind of family does weird aerobics on their front lawn? What kind of weird family talks like this?

If you like movies with any sort of substance SKIP THIS MOVIE. If you like the same tasteless, bland goop that hollywood has been reselling you for years, then this is the film for you.

UPDATED: Dan and his girls live in New Jersey, another reason not to like this movie. :P

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip to Philadelphia

So as part of my job I have to travel a fair amount of the time. I would estimate that I, on average, spend about 30-40% of my working time (Mon - Fri) on the road. I usually am pretty good at packing. I have a bag that is good for about 5 business days, maybe 8ish vacation days. But despite my skills at packing, I always forget one thing. This trip I forgot my shaver. So depending on my facial hair growth rate I may I'd may not shave the rest of the week. I also wore a different pair of shoes than I planned (didnt realize until I was already on the blue line) but I think they will work with the outfits I packed. I hope the rest of the trip goes like it's on rails. At least i'll get to sleep on the plane and get to fly back at 3ish on Friday.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Unintentionally Funny Poster at Hot Doug's

So while in line in the rain for an hour and a half (30 minutes in a downpour with four guys huddling under an umbrella waiting for Hot Doug's we saw a funny poster in the window:

One can only hope that this band isn't associated with Hitler and his answer to the Jewish question.

While at Hot Doug's I got a Boar Sausage with pepper jack cheese and a dijonnaise on top and a andouille and some duck fat fries and a root beer. This was super yummy and hit the spot before traveling to Lincolnshire to see Watchmen.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad Bus Driver

Bus ride this morning was decent in terms having a good amount of space because I went to work late ( I was up until 2 dealing with some website scanning boo!). But the bus driver first couldn't figure out how to attach a bike to the front of the bus on the bike rack (5 minutes). I place 50% of the blame on this "biker/messenger" girl. Why not just ride your bike?!?! It was warm out today and you're already riding the bike. Make no sense to me. Then about a mile later the bus driver just leaves the bus for 5 minutes, my guess to go to the bathroom or something. Then about 4 blocks from my stop she spotted someone she knows on the street and proceeded to honk and slow down and wave at her for a whole block. Just another reason why girls are no good on the bus.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What If?

This is a great video remix of one of my favorite speeches given by Ron Paul. I find it really unnevering and slightly sad that really none of the issues that he talks about get play in the national/mainstream press. It just shows that the GOP vs. Dems debate is more over a molehill rather than the mountain that they would have you believe.