Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brian Azzarello in Chicago Tribune

One of my favorite authors (Brian Azzarello) has a good write up in the Chicago Tribune today. A couple of the locations are by where I live. I can imagine the scene under the El tracks he's talking about as it is on the way to a lot of the places I hang out including Wrigley. Check it out here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009


Saw a guy on my flight wearing a kilt. Pretty interesting, never seen one outside of a parade setting. Later heard the guy talk with a Scottish accent so I guess that makes it better.

Last night in Seattle (for now)

So today is my last night in Seattle, I'm excited for Easter. I found some good places to eat here after all but it took some tough searching. The other night I went to this lounge called "Post" the menu only had about five items but they all looked pretty good. I had a big steak served over homemade chips and some vegetables (mainly peppers, I skipped the mushrooms and asparagus). All the parts I ate were really good. I had a really good local brew (Australia) from Murray's Craft Brewing Co. it was their pale ale. I topped off this dinner with a trip to original Starbucks and got a nice hot coco. Then went to cold stone and got a mix of cake batter ice cream, cotton candy ice cream, sprinkles, and gummy bears. The next day for lunch I found this traveling lunch truck called "Skillet". Its a bit of a hippie operation with all natural stuff in everything. I got a burger and fries (which by the way are amazing w/ herbs and stuff on top). The kicker is they have this stuff called "Bacon Jam" its like bacon in jam form. It was good but I'm undecided about if its really good or not. I might order a jar online and do further evaluation. So Seattle isn't all that bad but it took a pretty good amount of initiative to find them (all the locals I've spoken to haven't heard of skillet one of the highest rated restaurants on yelp here). The post place was even hidden in this little alley. So maybe next week I'll find some other good places. Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back In Seattle

I'm back in Seattle for work. Last time I was here I didn't really enjoy the city too much. Couldn't find a good restaurant easily, then when I would go to a place I got looked at like I had a second head because I was dining alone. The hotel I was staying in was starting to show its age and not definitely way overpriced for the room amenities that were offered. Now I'm back at the same hotel, the TVs have been upgraded to HDTV but don't have an HD signal and still have significant ghosting in the signal. The minibar still has $5 cans of Pepsi (I know crazy). So last night I went out for a walk and trying to look for some food. A number of times I was approached by numerous teenagers out at night trying to get me to buy them booze. I saw some bums shooting each other up and they gave me a dirty look like I was the crazy one. Lots of just people sitting around in Seattle but there doesn't ever seem to be much going on, like there hasn't been a bar or a restaurant that seems to be lively or fun. Anyone have any reccomendations?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools thoughts

So every April Fools day much of the internet community likes to make "Jokes". As much of the internet is still nerds these jokes tend to be nerdy in nature and subsequently not funny as most of these people aren't as funny as they think they are. The formula is basically take a believable news story then alter it to make the reader go "No Way!" and then you're supposed to laugh when you 've realized you've been duped. But you as an intelligent person sees this a mile away and are mad that they even tried to waste your time. I equate this day when sites try to be "The Onion" for a day and basically fail miserably. So in conclusion, let "The Onion" be funny and you can keep bringing me relevant information because if you were funny you'd be writing for "The Onion" already.