Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Invention of Lying (trailer)

Just saw a trailer for the new Ricky Gervais movie "The Invention of Lying". It looks really good, trailer is embedded below. Disappointed that I have to wait until September to see the movie.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I'm leaving for Vegas today at about 5:30. I'm very excited, I haven't had a true vacation (one that didn't involve going to ND or Staying in Chicago) since December when I went racing. Here are some goals that I have for this trip:
  • See Paul Oakenfold
  • See Love
  • Sit by Pool
  • Eat at Mesa
  • Eat other good foods
  • Have funs
  • Go skydiving (depends mostly if others are interested)
  • Buy a pair of Ray Bans
I'm also very excited because I will be leaving my laptop at home so I can't possibly do work. Also very excited to use my drink tickets on the flight and be drunk by the time I land. Question for Wine Post: Does Southwest Airelines carry a good wine?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Travel Rituals

So being that I travel a pretty good amount for my job I have developed some travel rituals. So here are some of them that I can think of listed in no particular order:
  • Turn down water heater to save $$$
  • Check to see if door is locked twice
  • Upon arrival at hotel tighten all lampshade (yes, very OCD)
  • Find and consume local food
  • Find and consume local beer
  • If driving: on the way back, play the song (usually started when I can see the skyscrapers) "Via Chicago" by Wilco
That's all I can think of right now. Comment if you have any you'd like to share.

Indy 500 - "Fun" things that you see at the race that aren't fast cars

So during my memorial day weekend I went down to Indianapolis to watch the 500. It was a decent race overall, apparently the tires could have been developed better to create better racing. But the point of this post is not really to talk about racing but to talk about the biggest reason not to like racing: The Race "Fans". I love racing and so do many other people. Sadly the redneck variety of people is attracted to racing too and they tend to make races uncomfortable and less fun. They tend to like the crashes and loud noises rather than the skill and talent it takes drive on the edge. Additionally most people here probably can't name more than 5 drivers (that's like a baseball fan only being able to name 10 teams). So below you'll find a sampling of people and a short description of their exploits during the day.
Ok, so this guy is a big guy who was really drunk the whole time and hitting on any female with a pulse. The female on his right, his wife, seems to have no issue with him going after this 18ish year old girl or her mother (not pictured). They eventually left and then he just scooted over to hit on other girls. Aside from being annoying and not watching the racing he had a high pitched laugh like a little girl. Also he stated that he wasn't drunk numerious times during the race. All I know is that if you act like that when you're not drunk you've got to be way worse when you are drunk. Onwards to example two:
I call this guy Smokey Joe. I fell almost bad about putting Smokey Joe in here because he was asking me questions and generally trying to learn about IndyCar racing (the rule, the car specifications, etc.) but the reason he was at the race was be Marlboro gave him free tickets (thus the lack of knowledge). So since his name is Smokey Joe and he got free tickets from a tobacco company, I bet you can guess why I don't like him. This picture was taken during the rare moment when he wasn't smoking. He for sure doesn't like Marlboro Lights as me being the knowlegekeeper for the speedway he asked me "Hey you know a lot about this place. How come they only sell Marb Lights?". I sadly had no answer for the man. Then later in the race he gets to telling me how he couldn't afford to go to this race unless he got these free tickets. So lets say a carton of Marlboro Cigarettes costs $40 (yes probably under pricing), it would make him cut down on two cartons a year if he paid for the tickets ($80 each). All I know is that he had to smoke a lot more than two cartons to get free tickets, this is the kind of retarded math and misplaced expenses that contributed to the state our economy is in. Ok that was a long one, on to number three:
This guy just played with is big beer belly a lot, that's about it. At one point he was reclined, that was gross. Other than that and his friends w/ male nipple piercings (yes gross and I saw way more of those in the course of 3 hour than I have in my lifetime) I don't have much more to say about this guy. Ok on to the concluding picture:
Ok so this blob of a man is wearing a shirt that says "No Bar Whores Allowed". Ok so I get the general idea of what a bar whore is and how they can be bad. I do not know the type of Bar Whore that would want to get with Mr.Blob. All I know is that this Bar Whore is in a league of their own and would certainly not be allowed anywhere near Gerry Productions property.

Ok that concludes my pictorial story thingy from Indy this year. All of these people were sitting around me. I saw many many more people that were worth of being pictured here. But if you are a fan of people watching at all I would say the Indy 500 is the place for you. The only place that may top the Indy 500 is a NASCAR event. I don't think they are easy to document because non-rednecks would probably stick out like a sore thumb at a NASCAR race. Anyways hope you had as much fun reading this as I did taking pictures and writing about them.