Thursday, September 10, 2009

NYC Comedian Follow-up

For those who are interested in hearing some ha-has from the comedians I mentioned in my previous review here you go. FYI I would not watch these at work if you don't have headphones and privacy to watch/laugh.

Colin Kane:

Christian Finnegan:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trips to NYC

I've had the luck of getting a project in NYC. This is nice because even though I have to work hard, I get to have little NYC vacations at night. So this post will be what I have done during my first trip a few weeks ago and the trip I am recently got back form. So I'll break this down into various categories:

Here are the restaurants I enjoyed:
Sofia Wine Bar Cafe: This was a really good wine bar. The staff was very friendly and prompt. I had a Prosciutto pizza and a very good chocolate cake for food. The wines I had were also very delicious. They have an excellent sangria. Highly, recommend if you like wine and are in NYC.

Mesa Grill: This is southwestern Bobby Flay food. It was excellent food. I had the pork tenderloin which was so juicy and well seasoned. We did get seated in the upstairs all the way towards the front of the restaurant which was a little bit of a pain if you had to go to the bathroom. The waitress we had was really pushy trying to get us to buy more of everything. Tip to wait staff, make me want something don't tell me I should want something.

Balthazar Restaurant & Bakery: Went here because I was watching the Food Network and Bobby Flay said they had the best fries. We tried to get reservations but we would not be seated until 10:30. So we just showed up and were seated in the bar area at litterally the smallest table I have ever sat at. We were in the middle of a heavily used walkway so during the course of the meal we were bumped into a lot. The food and wine were very good. I had the "Bar Steak" and the frites were very good but not the best I've ever had. The wine was excellent as well.

 I had a number of really good NYC style pizza slices while in the city. NYC > Chicago in terms of being able to find good pizza quickly and easily. The same cannot be said for Mexican food however. I went to a highly rated Mexican place and it was pretty sub-par all around. I then heard from many NYC-ers that Mexican food is not their specialty.


I stayed at The Pod Hotel during my trip and I loved it. They do have small rooms but they are nicely decorated, well laid out, and have nice things in the room. The rates were very cheap and I found the surrounding blocks to have very nice small restaurants everywhere. The hotel has a lot of foreign clientele, maybe because it is similar to European hotels. The hotel just feels "cool". The roof deck has a very nice view and you can BYOB and gaze about.


I was able to see two comedy shows during my trips. I saw Colin Kane at Carolines who I first saw opening for Louis C.K. in June 2008. He was still hilarious. He has a weekly show at Carolines on Tuesdays and is one of the funniest comedians I have seen. He is very sharp and quick with his jokes and is not afraid to try new material. If you are easily offended or afraid of being picked on, this isn't the show for you. I also got to see Christian Finnegan at The Broadway Comedy Club. The venue itself was one of the crappiest comedy venues I have been to. The comedians however were hilarious. I have seen Christian Finnegan before in Chicago and almost all of the material was new or refreshed. I especially enjoyed his bit on America's/women's obession with vampires. One of my favorite things about NYC is that it is a mecca of comedy. I can see so many comedians that I am a fan of basically any day of the week and it is fairly affordable. The other plus about this is that they are always working out new jokes you have not heard before and the venues are small and intimate. And most comedians make themselves available after their show for pictures and chit chat.


I like NYC cabs and that you can pay via Credit Card in the back

I like the NYC subway system

I don't like the bums that touch themselves on said system

I like the orange and white smokestacks that are in the middle of the street sometimes routing steam from a manhole cover

I love the street vendors everywhere with street food. I wish I could get a bag of yummy mixed nuts in Chicago.