Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yelp Badge Guide

With the updated release of the Yelp app for the iPhone, Yelp has added badges that you can earn for your check-ins and other yelping activities (much like foursquare). Yelp has not published the criteria to get each badge (just names listed) so how you acquire them is somewhat a mystery. I will be updating this posting as I earn badges and publish what was needed to get the badge.

Rookie: Check-in at two places.
Pro (updates rookie): Check-in at 20 places in one week.
True Yelper: Check-in at 10 places and write reviews for those 10 places.
Globetrotter: Check-in to an airport 5 times.
Mexi-Can: Got this for checking in at 6 Mexican restaurants. This occurred over a period of 10 days if time is a component of this badge.

Update (8/23/2010): Badges can apparently expire. I got a notice that my globetrotter badge will expire in 11 days if I don't check-in at more places (airports). I am not sure what the requirements are to save a badge from expiring or the length of time before a badge expires based on the last check-in to earn the badge.


Brad said...

It seems the globetrotter badge is a little harder to get then check into an airport at least five times.... Or maybe it just does not like me?

I mention this because I have about 11-13 checkin's at various airports around the country.

GettyProductions said...


Have all the check-ins come after the badge system rolled out? There may be a time requirement too (ie 5 check-ins in X weeks).